How To Grow In Your Faith

40 Self-reflection Questions to help promote real change.

Can one find the answers to their questions? I’m sure one can.  I’m aware that real change is possible, but real change requires an inside look and knowing what to look for, and it’s different from you may think.

And it takes a willingness to be ruthlessly honest with yourself about the realities of your experiences and what your soul is teaching you. Asking the questions in critical moments is a good step in living life from the inside out. I have provided you with more questions to ask in a later post.


  1. Do you agree that things are not as they should be in your life?
  2. What is going on in your life thoughts, desires, behaviors, attitudes-that surprises or frustrates you?
  3. What are some of your destructive patterns of living that others may or may not be aware of?
  4. What are some ways you’ve rearranged your behavor rather than changed on the inside?
  5. In what ways do you think you need to improve?
  6. What scares or disturbs you most about taking an inside look?
  7. How well do you understand what’s going n inside you- your motives, emotions, desires, and disappointments?
  8. What did you learn about yourself as you answered these questions ?
  9. What does that tell you about yourself.



  1. One thing I would like to improve upon is …
  2. What would you change if you had a chance to do this piece over again?
  3. What will you change in the next revision of this piece?
  4. What’s the one thing that you have seen in your classmates’ work or process that you would like to try in your next piece?
  5. As you look at this piece, what’s one thing that you would like to try to improve upon?
  6. What’s one goal you would like to set for yourself for next time?

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Can one master all of these questions? I’m unsure, but I’m aware that being honest with oneself and asking questions in critical moments is a good step in living a life from the inside out.
I’ll return with much more insightful content. Until then, please feel free to contact me with any advice, criticism, feedback at or via Twitter at @jamh123. I gladly welcome it!
May you always find peace.


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