5 Tips On Spiritual Renewal

Hello, Dear Friends! I trust all is well with you and your loved ones!, Just a quick reminder that our faith is always being testing and we must always be in a state of renewal and we do this with prayer first thing in the morning and the last thing we do before going to bed. Here is  5 TIPS ON SPIRITUAL  RENEWAL!  AGAIN AND AGAIN!
We all have the answers when our lives are running smoothly and no adversity is near. We study our spiritual materials, meditate and believe that we are beyond any “stinking thinking.”

However, because life enjoys testing us, a moment arises when we must “put our feet where our beliefs are.” In other words, we must show ourselves that we believe what we say. We receive the test of faith. Don’t FEAR, it is merely a “test.”

This “test” is the privilege we should all welcome. If not for the problem..HOW WOULD WE KNOW WE HAVE FAITH? How would we know whether our faith is like the rock that Jesus spoke of? How would we know our wings will not falter when facing a strong wind? How will we know if we truly believe that all is well in the midst of a storm? The answer is we won’t know until we have the privilege of solving a problem.

So my friends, today, you have the privilege of showing yourself who you are. Look this privilege in the face and say very loudly…WELCOME!!! and say a thank you prayer!

Listed below are some tips to keep  your spiritual faith renewed.

Tip #1:  Spiritually Absent Home

  • Is your home spiritually absent?
  • Upon entering your home, what do you see and feel?
  • Do you hang pictures of your Creator and yet the walls are dirty?
  • Do religious artifacts rest on dusty tables surrounded by clutter?
  • If your Creator were to visit unannounced today, how would you feel?
  • Does your home reflect the spiritual person that you profess to be?
  • While you may speak of being a spiritual person, you may not be expressing it within your home. Is faith, hope and love able to roam unencumbered?

Regardless if your neighborhood is “stunningly appealing or somberly challenged” “your home is the place where your soul comes to rest, renew and hopefully enjoy.

  • Is your home worthy of your soul?  Is your home clean, comfortable and uncluttered?
  • Are you showing the Creator your gratitude for having a home and your deep appreciation for the blessing you have right now?
  • Are you taking care of the blessing as best you can?
  • Look around your home? Is it worthy of housing a child of the Creator?

If it is cluttered and unclean, then quite possibly, you are not showing forth your spirituality and because it is absent, you are not reflecting your true position in your Creator’s kingdom.

Tip #2: Relations with Others

When you embark upon your journey of spiritual renewal, one of the most challenging aspects is your relations with others.

It is these relations that represent your greatest growth and staunchest tests. Why? Because at heart, we are social beings and we need to have relations with others. Relations with others offer love, laughter and life. Relations with others offer the greatest opportunity to “test” your spiritual renewal and apply your learning in the “testing” class called “life.”

In this life class, you test your spiritual renewal everyday in every encounter. This is where the metal hits the road as you can read, meditate or contemplate as much as you desire; however, you must put into application the knowledge you have acquired. Your relations with others is the key and with these encounters the chance to renew your spirit each time a “button is pushed” and you have choice in the manner in which you respond. The response to the “button” is your test and you must remember that in your spiritual renewal the handling of the relations with others is very important.

Tip #3: Changing Your Environment

Does your environment permit you to completely immerse yourself in your spiritual renewal? What space have you created to nurture your spirit as you embark upon this change? If you answer honestly, you may find enhancing your spiritual growth equates to a change in your environment. Change has challenges. It examines your flexibility, adaptability and alters the way you think, perceives and behave.

Change will cause your life to be uneasy for a while as the task of spiritual renewal is not always an easy road. It may cause strain on your relations with others and more importantly, with yourself. However, change will assist in finding processes to rebirth a better you. Change is a constant.

Even if you remain static regarding the change in your environment, please believe, change is still occurring as your soul is slowly withering under the sheer weight of doing nothing, or you are blossoming under the rays of your spiritual renewal. Your self-respect and self-esteem hinge upon making continuous adjustments to get what you deserve.  Sometimes, in order to renew our spirit and save our soul, a change in environment is quite necessary. Only you can answer whether that environment is personal or professional, in other words, does a change need to be made at home or at work?

Tip #4: The Past

Genesis 19:26: Lot and his family were living in Sodom and Gomorrah and the Creator was planning to destroy all forms of life within the city. He sent angels to forewarn Lot and they issued a stern warning: Once the Creator begins the destruction, do not look back. As the city burned to the ground, Lot’s wife turned back and was immediately turned to stone. She was frozen as she was unable to let go of the past. The Creator, understanding there is nothing in the past”, sent a reminder for future generations: To move forward in the renewal of your spirit, you must let go of your past as nothing remains there.” Do you find yourself reliving your past?

Have you been successful in changing it? You can’t navigate the road ahead if you continuously look back. It’s impossible! The point was made centuries ago by your Creator. How can you renew your spirit if you toil in barren soil?

What good does it do? You cannot change it. You can make amends if there is mending to do, however, you still cannot change what happened. Let it fade like the dust in the wind. Forgive yourself, forgive others and move on.

Tip #5: Cherished Beliefs

  • What are your most cherished beliefs?
  • Do you believe the Creator would bless others and ignore you?
  • Do you believe you are worthy of having all that you desire if you are willing to plan accordingly and take the risk to achieve it? 
  • Do you believe health, wealth, and happiness is for others and not you?
  • Do you believe that it’s too late to follow your passion?
  • Do you believe that your life is the luck of the draw?
  • Do you believe that you are lovable?
  • Do you believe that the traumas of your childhood should dictate your adult life?
  • Do you believe you are deserving of a good life?

Ask yourself this question: Does your cherished belief help or hinder your spiritual renewal progress? Does the belief add value to the overall essence of you? Is it a belief that you need to let go? Is it a belief that was passed to you in childhood that no longer is true? Was it your parent’s belief, a best friend’s belief or a significant other’s belief? Search your heart deeply to locate those beliefs that are not supporting your renewal of spirit. Relinquish those beliefs that are no longer true for you. A renewed spirit you should not be bogged down with outdated opinions and irrelevant facts. Find the beliefs that should be cherished and relinquish the beliefs that don’t support your spiritual renewal.

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One can pray on Sunday? I’m sure, but I’m aware that being we must replenish ourselves morning and every night because it is a spiritual renewal we, do it again and again. Prayer is a critical step in living a life from the inside out.

I’ll return with much more insightful content. Until then, please feel free to contact me with any advice, criticism, feedback at admin@insideoutmagazine.org or via Twitter at @jamh123. I gladly welcome it!
May you always find peace.


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