There is no doubt Facebook is the largest and most integrated social media platform we have today. It started by splitting its primary functionalities into different mobile apps and continued creating unique experiences for the browser-based platform.

As Facebook continues to work on improving user experiences, we can see the same from its much-improved and comprehensive advertising platform. It’s unique tracking tool, Pixel, continues to be better by the day. You can now do more with Facebook, regarding engaging with followers and evaluating how they feel about your business.

2017 continues to be a year where Facebook is making a lot of improvements, mostly relating to user experiences. Here are some notable updates you can’t afford to miss this year.

 Facebook Group Payment Support

The Facebook Messenger has already given its users the ability to send and receive money through the person-to-person payments. Messenger is a popularly used messaging app that is taking things a step further by now working on an update, that will give people the ability to send and receive money between groups of people.

 Integrated SMS Messages

Facebook announced on its website that Facebook Messenger App now integrates SMS messages. Instead of making use of a separate messaging app, Facebook users now have an option of integrating these texts in the Messenger app. Facebook messages will appear in traditional blue while SMS messages will appear in purple. Additionally, SMS in Messenger supports rich content such as emojis, stickers, GIFs and more.

The reason as to why Facebook came up with this integration was for convenience purposes. Facebook users can now access their messages all in one place, making messaging a lot simpler. This feature isn’t enabled by default, and the user must go to the settings menu in the Facebook Messenger app and enable default SMS app.

 Messenger tests end-to-end encryption

Messenger will soon have end-to-end encryption similar to that of WhatsApp. In a post published by its newsroom, Facebook announced it was testing the service. Details of this test included one-to-one “secret” conversation that can only be read on the devices they are sent between. The messages are stored on the devices and not on the Facebook’s servers.

Another feature of the secret conversation is the ability to set a timer that will automatically delete messages. Snapchat popularized this feature. Facebook announced that the secret conversation would be an optional feature that can only be viewed on the devices that receive the message.

 New Messaging Features

Facebook has begun testing some fascinating new additions to the Facebook Messenger, for the first time. The first new feature follows the footsteps of Messenger’s photo-sharing sister – Instagram closely. Facebook is working on multiple accounts support, meaning that your friends will be able to use your phone to check their friends’ messages.

Furthermore, people who use social networking platforms for work will be able to switch between personal and professional accounts with much greater ease. This feature will be available on SMS integration to make chatting way much better.



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