Good Day! Isn’t this Where Everyone Starts? Totally Clueless

Our spiritual journey is the longest journey of our-life and an individual thing and there is no greater investment than the one invested in God and self. However, no one can prepare you for the emotional and upheaval that the inner journey brings- the struggle, the fears, the disappointments. What we do know for sure is that they all serve our spiritual journey. There are no easy answers, no lists to check off, no preparation for your state of well-being.  The Spiritual journey is a personal journey, and as unique as the one walking it.

“No matter where you have been, what you have done, or where you are at this moment. if you want to change, then  change is possible. You have to take that step even if it is no the road to no where.”

What I can offer you here are a few insights, some reflections, with the hope that they assist you in your spiritual quest and guide you towards your own truth. At times, the advice may seem contradictory, but there is truth in contradiction. Allow your intuition to be your guide.

As we hit the barren, lonely road of life, as everyone does, we poke and prod our way along the barren path, learning as we go. This path is not easy and without danger, as a matter- of-fact there are many twists and turns, peaks and valleys, bridges to cross, bridges to build and bridges to burn, mountains to climb and storms to weather. and often we walk the barren wasteland in search of water to fill our empty cup to satisfy our soul’s thrist for love, fulfillment, knowledge, wisdom and above all, the love of God.

It is these obstacles and the depth of pain and in the still silence we come close to God and you realize this is where we begin to heal and find our barren, lonely road a journey of testing, of encounter, discover how our minds work, what motivates u, and what is our ultimate identity is.

Tips  for the Inner Journey

  • Always remember you are protected and guided on your journey. trust completely in this, above all other things.
  • SurrenderThis is a hard one. In a world where we are accustomed to planning every aspect of our lives, the thought of surrendering control is downright frightening. This is difficult to do, but infinitely rewarding.
  • Trust. This is another hard one because it connects to surrender. It is not only an action but an attitude. Trust in yourself, and in others. trust in life. Trust that all will be well, even if in the most difficult situations.Trust that all serves a Higher purpose, even when you can’t explain it or see your intuition, not only your mind. trust in the visible and invisible.
  • Allow yourself to be guided. Allow the invisible hand of the Universe, God, Life, the Creator, Source, Higher Self, whatever label you wish to use – to guide you. Your intuition is God’s vehicle. So are coincidences, providential meetings, synchronicities, signs.God is speaking to you at all times. When you are able to surrender the logic of your mind,you can begin to hear the whisper of your intuition.
  • Live totally in the present but be alter to signs, and guideposts.
  • Be Open to the unexpected and Within the experiences may lie the seed of a valuable gift or lesson.
  • Be Thankful for EVERYTHING that happens to you. Gratitude is the most powerful gift you can offer yourself and the universe, and is the magic elixir for attracting more of what you want into your life.
  • Just Be, Breathe, be patience, and tolerant

You are on an inner journey. A journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Be patient with yourself. Love yourself. You deserve it. You need it. Above all… Enjoy the journey! Relax. Smile in appreciation. Share your joy. It will lift others and brings you closer to your Healing.





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