I use physical and spiritual nourishment for my mind. I find an effective balance to stay healthy and aware.

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I use nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep my mind healthy. I also use spiritual food to keep my mind satisfied.

I use knowledge to fill my mind with new ideas. I understand the food my mind receives affects my moods. Even knowledge has a strong impact on my well-being.

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My mind depends on me to find nourishment that is uplifting. I avoid negative thoughts and people that can hurt my mind. I also avoid junk food that can injure my mind. Instead, I focus on the positive people and plans in my world. I focus on healthy food and ingredients.

My mind is part of my intellectual and physical self. I know my overall health depends on a strong mind. My path to success requires a nourished mind.

I use literature, art, music, and other mediums to satiate my mind.

Today, I nourish my mind with multiple ideas and factors. I also use food to keep my mind healthy. I help my mind stay strong and work efficiently so I can live my very best life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I find the right balance of nutrients to nourish my mind?
  2. What type of spiritual food works best for my mind?
  3. How can I avoid negative thoughts that cloud my mind?

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