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As I am getting older, I realized how much I enjoy the simple things in life. As I headed off to the supermarket this morning, I love walking along browsing all the produce to see what fruit or vegetables are in season checking the prices and talking with other shoppers.

I see people are smiling and talking, the sound of music comes from overhead and a gentleman sitting on a chair in the center of the walkway was tapping his feet to the music, and I smile.

I usually go with my husband, and we share this experience together, but today he is working, and I am enjoying my solitude, even more, present with the warmth of the morning sun, the blueness of the sky and where I parked the car! I always park close to the entrance than my husband does. I always say he parks in the south forty and makes me walk a country mile.

When I got home, I strolled out to our backyard and checked my vegetables growing in the garden. They needed water badly; my husband never said water in the hot sun. It does no good and burns the plants and a waste of time and water. He said to water early in the morning or late in the evening I look through the tomato to find the perfect ripe red Roma tomatoes that I will use to make a salad. I rustle through the green onions to find the newest tender ones that will be a part of the salad.

It is in these simple things; I find the joy of life!

As I look back on my life, I remember a time when I didn’t to find joy in anything, especially with the simplest things in life.

I think this happens to a lot of us in our lives. We become so burdened with living and working and forget to stop and smell the flowers.

We look for joy to come all wrapped in a neat little package, and we miss the joy right in front of us, the small, simple pleasures we see all the time if we just remembered to stay present in the moment.

Taking time to notice the little things in life and how much joy can one feels in experiencing them. It’s not this experience that gives you the pleasure. It is right here, right now every second of the day. These moments, we find a joy beyond our dreams.

In what little things do you experience and feel joy?







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