“And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness, And of Your praise all the day long.” Psalm 35:28

TAMING MY TONGUE – Did you know that what you say (and don’t say) will improve your relationships? A few years ago I purchased a book by Deborah Smith Pregues called “30 Days to Taming Your Tongue”. I have to admit, I thought I knew what it meant to speak in tongues being raised in a Baptist church and all (no pun intended). After reading all 141 pages of this book, I discovered that the tongue has 30 languages. I will attempt to list them all (from her book) because I truly believe if we understood the power of the tongue, we would not be so fast to speak. So here it goes; The Lying Tongue, Flattering Tongue, Manipulating Tongue, Hasty Tongue, Divisive Tongue Argumentative Tongue, Boasting Tongue, (these tongues are something) Self-Deprecating Tongue, Slandering Tongue, Gossiping Tongue, Meddling Tongue, Betraying Tongue, Belittling Tongue, Cynical Tongue, Know-It-All Tongue, Harsh Tongue, Tactless Tongue, Intimidating Tongue, Rude Tongue, (WOW!) Judgmental Tongue, Self-Absorbed Tongue, Cursing Tongue, Complaining Tongue, Retaliating Tongue, Accusing Tongue, Discouraging Tongue, Doubting Tongue, Loquacious Tongue, Indiscreet Tongue and last but certainly not least, The Silent Tongue. The book made me go on a “Tongue Fast”. Just as I have been taught to push back from the table to spend intimate time and gain awareness of God, I’ve come to realize there is a need to push back from the languages of the Tongue in order to build relationships. Simply put, when we understand the power of this one instrument we can learn to control it and we don’t have to live our lives saying “I can’t believe I just said that”. Have you named your tongue? It’s sought of like “My bologna has a first name.” TAMING MY TONGUE, HOW ABOUT YOU?

The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. (Proverbs 4:18 )~✿

I have been a people pleaser. Seems it never pleased me! So now I am practicing pleasing myself, not doing more than I can. If I can help someone I will. But I will NOT do a thing if it doesn’t feel good to me! I can now just say no! And guilt dissolves. I am worth going without the burden of pleasing others … I am first class. ~ unknown

The tendency to keep my life private has kept me from moving forward and kept my life locked in pain and guilt. I believe there is always an emotional price to pay for this privacy, for being a “Rock of Gibraltar.” The price is that we risk being seen us as unhappy, unapproachable, sad, and angry or even arrogant. I read a book by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, in her book, The Steep Ascent (Harcourt, 1944). She wrote: “People ‘died’ all the time in their lives. Parts of them died when they made the wrong decisions —decisions against life. Sometimes they died bit by bit until finally they were just living corpses walking around. If you were perceptive you could see it in their eyes; the fire had gone out. Yes, there were a lot of people walking around whom “dead” and a lot of people were killed who were “living.” You always knew when you made a decision against life. When you denied life, you were warned. The cock crowed, always somewhere inside of you, the door clicked, and you were safe inside —safe and dead. Usually it was fear that made you pull the door shut; emotional fear of becoming involved with peopling, of loving too much…”

Why are we here?

You are here to:
To gain character as you lose ego
To gain integrity as you lose dishonesty
To gain strength as you lose fear
To gain compassion as you lose disappointment
To gain discipline as you lose willfulness
To gain equality as you lose separation
To gain appreciation as you lose resentment
To gain enthusiasm as you lose hostility
To gain tenderness as you lose rigidity
To gain boldness as you lose bitterness
To gain generosity as you lose selfishness
To gain optimism as you lose inadequacy
To gain excitement as you lose embarrassment
To gain gratitude as you lose greed
To gain love as you lose ignorance

This is why we are here!
~ unknown

Give yourself a gift for 2017 Something simple and easy to use. Something that can change your life…One Word Journal writing. Yes, we must write out our pain, fears, and doubts… it cries for a voice. Journal writing offers greater opportunities for learning, deeper meaning, healing and new insights. ~ Bertie M Worth

12 Benefits of Journal Writing

  1. Self-reflection: You attain clarity and keep your inner space clear
  2. Feel Empowered
  3. Get in touch with things that excite you
  4. Solve your personal problem
  5. Solve work related and family problems
  6. Understand yourself-know who you are
  7. Learning our values
  8. Finding your life purpose
  9. Helps to get in contact with your Higher Power and wisdom
  10. Helps you understand your fears and passions
  11. Helps you become more intuitive
  12. Gives yourself s expressive voice

” I have a little Happiness recipe that isn’t hard to make

But you must always start as soon as you awake.

Take a great big mixing bowl and fill it with a smile

Mix half a cup of sunshine with good deeds to last a while.

Add a pinch of work and play, a pinch of thoughtfulness and care

But don’t bake it in the oven, just spread it around everywhere.” ~ Unknown

The entire recipe for happiness is predicated on not just any breath, but this very breath that we all are taking at this very moment—present, alive, and joyful, filled with all that life has to offer. ~ David Schmidt

Don’t ever be fooled into thinking the last one or the next one holds more for you, this is the one that matters. There is nothing to hold you back from putting a huge smile on your face right now. So go ahead, walk outside and share it with the world. You have the recipe, now get out there and pass it on! ~ David Schmidt

Here’s what cookin` Happiness   Serves: All

  1. Love
  2. Acceptance
  3. Goodwill
  4. Generosity
  5. Equanimity

Serve warm

The recipe for happiness is fairly easy, and one that even those who are not good in the kitchen can put together and still achieve some great results.

Instructions: Begin with one large scoop of love for yourself, and in a good measure of acceptance and goodwill, then sprinkle generously with equanimity. Combine all the ingredients and place in your heart until all the ingredients have been completely absorbed, then allow to permanently rest in each breath. ~ David Schmidt

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May you always find peace.


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