A Story bout an otter who learned the importance of  patience.

Tommy the  otter could not sit still or pay attention to others. He was always running around, playing, and  ignoring his parents. One day, he learned a valuable lesson about paying attention and patience.

Tommy the otter never stopped for a second. He was constantly playing around or making jokes. He had trouble sitting still and thought it was silly to ever stop playing games. He would fidget all of the time. Tommy’s parents were worried about him being impatient.

“I don’t like sitting still! I want to play more!” said Tommy.

One day, Tommy’s parents sent him on an important errand. He had to visit his grandparents in the next village to get their medicine. They gave him instructions and told him to hurry.

Tommy ran to the next village to see his grandparents. They asked him to go the store and get the medicine. He didn’t pay attention to why they needed it. However, once he got to the store, there was a long line.

“I’m not going to wait in this line! This is boring, and I can’t play here,” said Tommy while fidgeting impatiently.

He went back to his grandparents and lied by claiming the store was closed. His grandfather became very worried. Then, his grandmother’s cough got worse without the medicine, and she became even more ill. Tommy realized he made a mistake.

“If only I had waited to get the medicine. I shouldn’t have been so impatient, and I should have paid attention to why they needed the medicine,” said Tommy.

Tommy raced back to the store and waited in a long line to get the medicine. He learned a valuable lesson about patience.


Learn to pay attention to others and be patient because it’s important.

Personal Reflection

It’s hard to pay attention all of the time, and everyone loses their patience.

However, there are certain situations that require patience and listening. It’s crucial to know when to pay attention.

Tommy the otter had no patience and didn’t want to wait in line.

He risked the health of his grandparents by not listening to their needs, and he ignored their issues.

Do you go through your daily routines without really paying attention to what’s going on around you? You may be missing valuable input.

It’s not easy to stay focused all the time, and you may be busy because of work, family, household, and other challenges. However, being patient and learning to listen can help you create greater bonds with people.

Patience and paying attention to others can benefit your life.

Try to focus on these important skills and realize that it takes time to cultivate patience. It also takes time to learn how to really listen to others. However, once you do, you’ll see benefits you never realized you were missing!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I learn to have greater patience and understanding?
  2. What can I do to ensure I listen to the important things?
  3. How can I teach my children to pay attention and be more patient?




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