My daughter is feeling sick to her stomach! I don’t see any break in the rain overnight.

This is awful. Are you alright?
“No!” you say. You have flood insurance, a raft, or life vests?? By all means, I know it’s hard to deal with the stress of damage done to things that have taken hard work to attain. Been there, but they are replaceable. Yours and your loved ones lives are not. The storm too shall pass
No flood insurance and I worked my rear off literally on this new house of ours. No water penetration yet but the rain won’t let up, and we are close.

OMG, girl, please be careful I’m so worried for all of you around Texas.

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Can one master all of these questions? I’m unsure, but I’m aware that being honest with oneself and asking questions in critical moments is a good step in living a life from the inside out.

I’ll return with much more insightful content. Until then, please feel free to contact me with any advice, criticism, feedback at or via Twitter at @jamh123.

I gladly welcome it!

May you always find peace.


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