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The Journey within is the recognition of the need to be with self for a time to think, pray, and reflect on”why,’who I am, what I am, where I am’ in relation to God, self, and others, and the world.

There are all kinds of journeys and many definitions for the different types of journey. The definition for me of a personal journey is one that tells a story, a personal story of spiritual growth. It does not matter how we tell the story, by words, pictures, video, cartoons, artwork, audio, or using of all of them. Telling our story defines a spiritual growth as personal.

I think the need exists for every spirit, every soul to have a place of reflection-a place for digging into their own experience to develop themselves in a spiritual and intellectual ways.” ~ Tom Stoner

A personal journey helps us tell our story, be it the story of our life or of a moment in time. It can be a rant about how issue pissed them off, or how we learn out how to plant a rose bush this year. It can be a collection of random tidbits because we haven’t all the puzzle pieces to our story or an insightful collection of essays you wrote on a variety of topics. Write about a hobby, school, work, children, being a parent, caring for parents, raising grandchildren, or sharing on any subject – as long as it is about the personal experience.

A personal journey is about sharing our lives with others– it might be our family, friends, or strangers.

It’s also about focusing on the story, and what we have learned.

It’s about being a real, authentic personal, not distant, with the reader. It’s about sharing. It’s about the story.

I will continue to post stories about my life and faith journey, which are hard to separate from each other. Explaining how I think differently from most people,

Finding Your Own Voice in Your Own Journey

I didn’t realize that I was on a journey when I started down the Road to Nowhere, all those many years ago.

A journey, especially a personal faith journey, is a to find your voice, as well as to find yourself.

Your faith journey becomes your passion. It’s that simple.

It’s also that hard.

The journey within is a commitment, and it's also about discipline. You have to feed your soul. If you keep feeding it, it's amazing what you learn about God and yourself, Click To Tweet




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