WheWhen Did You Stop Trusting You?

When did you stop trusting you? When did you decide that your feelings are second-guessed? What situation caused you to stop discounting your intuition?  Without profoundly believing in yourself, you are limiting your connection with your spirituality. You must trust yourself.

You have to learn to navigate the myriad of thoughts that cross your mind every second. When you have a deep trust in yourself, you can judge what is real and what is unreal, and you will minimize confusion as to what to believe.

What this means is you will be able to express with certainty that the feeling you are experiencing is correct because you are connected more deeply to the quiet voice that is always present and is always correct.

It is quite simple and so profound that “trusting you allows you to trust others because you “trust what you feel” and when you trust what you feel, you know you are connected to a power greater than yourself.

 Meditation centers your mind so the voice of your spiritual guide can be heard. This small quiet voice doesn’t shout because it knows if you listen closely, it will be heard.

By listening, you bring stillness to your soul and immediate peace because the voice is trying to connect with you. That voice is the voice that has been with you since your first breath and will remain until your last.

  • Close your eyes, relax, remain still and listen.
  • Exhale in its perfect presence and inhale with its wisdom.
  • Feel the weight of your soul being lifted as you make “your yoke easy and your burden light.”

Have you realized that a single blade of negative thought can create a garden of weeds? A single negative thought allowed to roam unattended is dangerous. It’s mental warfare because you believe you are caught between two opposites.

However, when you are experiencing mental warfare, take a moment and consider how you feel when you are thinking a positive thought and how you feel when you are thinking a negative thought.

Doesn’t the positive thought offer you a sense of calm and reassurance where the negative thought creates images of doom? The negative thought does nothing to enhance your spirituality.

By staying positive, you are able to recognize what should be given consideration and what should be discarded. This allows you to move quietly within your soul and give yourself the opportunity to hear your soul speak. Positive thoughts generate goodwill within you.

They empower, encourage and are downright enjoyable. They create a sense of well-being in spite of what is occurring and afford you the courage to continue to move forward. Remember, when a negative thought enters your mind, you must be vigilant in your efforts to disallow its continuation. Negative thoughts cannot continue unless you allow them to do so.

Patience is one of the most valued jewels within your crown. You must use her! Yes, it can be quite challenging when you have been diligent in your faith and it appears that you are” asking in vain.” Fear not! Our eyes are limited in their perception and we must trustt that while we have not received what we have asked for, the Creator has not let us down.

Although you have prayed, mediated and believe what you are asking for is the right thing, the Creator could very well be clearing a path that will make what you desire even greater than you imagined.

The Creator can see “down the street, around the corner and across town.” You may be seeing only what is “in front of you.” Your patience is your test that you have faith that “what you need, when you need it, is done.”

Your patience demonstrates that after completing your part which is intention with action, you can “let go and let your Creator” carry it forward. 

Your patience is a reminder that you trust the Creator and rest in the assurance that what you have asked for “will be given” and if it isn’t exactly what you had ordered, most likely it will be greater than you had considered  or it’s not in your best interest to have it. Patience truly is one of the most valued jewels in your crown.

 Letting Go of the Past

When are you going to free yourself from the past? When are you going to fully recognize that the past lingers in your thought because you hold it there? When are you going to realize that you will NEVER be able to change it! Let’s distinguish between reflection and harboring. Reflection of your past is looking back without shame, blame or guilt.

While you may experience “regret” over poor decisions, your spiritual growth demands that you forgive yourself and “let it go.” There is absolutely NOTHING you can do to reverse it. Also, those so-called poor decisions have been extremely important on your journey.

If you let go of the past, you will be able to recognize the past as “merely a learning experience.” Harboring is viewing your past with shame, blame, and guilt. You experience feelings that incite a tailspin of should have, would have or could have.

  • Why do this to yourself?
  • What do you get out of it?
  • Do you enjoy re-experiencing all of your so-called poor decisions?

By continuing to relive what cannot be changed, you allow no room for new and inspired thinking. How can you hear the voice of your soul if it’s being drowned out with “useless memories?” The past is the past. Why continue to visit a place that no longer exists. Why continue to rethink a situation that is long gone.

Forgive yourself, forgive others and MOVE ON!

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Can one master all of these questions? I’m unsure, but I’m aware that being honest with oneself and asking questions in critical moments is a good step in living a life from the inside out.
I’ll return with much more insightful content. Until then, please feel free to contact me with any advice, criticism, feedback at admin@insideoutmagazine.org or via Twitter at @jamh123.

I gladly welcome it!

May you always find peace.


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